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Deep Soil Mixing (DSM)

Compressive strengths 2 - 10 MPa (typical values depending on the soil conditions)

For the production of DSM soil-cement columns we use the method of deep soil mixing with cement slurry. The columns are used as elements of deep foundations for civil engineering structures, including road and railway embankments or engineering structures. They also perform excellently as excavation shoring - palisades, which are additionally reinforced, usually with steel profiles, and characterised by low filtration coefficient.  DSM columns formed from overlapping elements are also an alternative to diaphragm walls or are used as vertical anti-filtration screens for excavation lining or floodbanks.


The soil is mixed with a grout based on water and cement, eventually with additives to reduce filtration, using a cross-blade mixer and a piling rig to produce a cement-bound soil element of the required length and diameter.